Integrating Sustainability into School Practices: A Model of Developing Green Schools

Integrating Sustainability into School Practices: A Model of Developing Green Schools

Ting Wang (Huzhou University, China)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6312-1.ch026


Education for sustainability remains fragmented because human knowledge of green schools and sustainability is not enough. This chapter develops a model to help school leaders and the general public to understand the importance of building green schools and implementing sustainable practices. This model provides a general overview of how to integrate sustainability into school practices. Student awareness is the key of the model, which indicates that sustainability can be realized at school if students have stronger environmental awareness. School leaders' attitudes are very decisive at the beginning of a new program. Meanwhile, school leaders have to face social pressure, which would ease the program or make it difficult to be implemented. Last but not least, some potential impacts, such as funding issues, could impact the implementation of green school practices. The chapter ends in presenting recommendations for implementing green school practices based on the proposed model.
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Review Of Literature

Humans and Sustainability

Environmental degradation such as climate change, deforestation, biodiversity loss, and air and water pollution tends to be increasing (Group, 2009). These factors are considered to lead to risk, not only to ecosystems, but also to humans. Most research shows that human activities are reducing the capacity of nature to provide goods and services, which in turn affects human health and well-being (Lele, 1991). Humans are viewed as embedded within local ecosystems and interrelated to all other ecosystem components, so it is important to limit human interference with the ecosystem to assure long term sustainability (Edwards, 2005).

Sustainability and Education

Education is necessary in terms of reaching global sustainability. Sustainability is about creating a positive future for humans through learning, leading, and engaging in sustainable practices (Birney & Reed, 2009). It is a practical activity for communities, educators, and young people. In this case, education is a way by which people may find whether their practices are sustainable or not through learning.

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