Is Education With Passion (Edutainment) Business and/or Education?: The Experience of the KidBurg Interactive Educational City of Professions for Children Project

Is Education With Passion (Edutainment) Business and/or Education?: The Experience of the KidBurg Interactive Educational City of Professions for Children Project

Maximilian Pivovarov (KidBurg Group, Russia)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6951-0.ch003
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Since 2009, the KidBurg Group has been developing children's educational projects in edutainment format. In total, the network has 18 venues with a total area of more than 33,000 square meters. There are three formats of projects: the city of professions, a museum of entertaining science, and an interactive museum-theater. The life path of KidBurg is of interest: from an entrepreneurial project for its children to a federal player. Children's business was built on “adult” laws with the involvement of real investors. The history of KidBurg will be useful to those who think about starting a business in the field of education. The chapter will touch on the issues of creating a project concept from scratch, of implementing the educational component without the involvement of the school and educators, creating and protecting intellectual property, creating a new culture of leisure and attracting investment. KidBurg has become a new social phenomenon. In this chapter, the authors talk about the role of KidBurg in the development and upbringing of modern children and their parents.
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The KidBurg Group has been implementing children’s education programs since 2009. We currently operate 18 sites with a total area of over 37 000 square meters. The three main formats in which the sites operate include the City of Professions, the museum of engaging science and the interactive theatre-museum. The Group was the first in Russia to launch edutainment centers across the country.

Kidburg’s origin deserves special attention: we travelled all the way from being an entrepreneurial project, launched for our own children, to an establishment of a federal level. This business, made for children, has always been played by the adult rules, attracting ‘real’ investors.

Kidburg’s story will be useful for those who are considering launching a business in the area of education in Russia. This article will touch upon such issues as creating a new concept from scratch, developing the educational part of the programme without attracting schools and teachers, creating and protecting intellectual property, forming a new culture of entertainment and attracting investment.

Kidburg has become a new social occurrence. On one side, it represents a unique public project, on the other, it is a place of goodwill and power. This article is here to shed light on the role Kidburg plays in bringing up and educating children and their parents.

Both Tasty and Good for Your Health

One of the core principles of the branding theory is not to match the unmatchable. For example, if you are advertising chocolate bars, you should not mention weight loss in any context, this is because there is no way consumers are going to believe you. But is this always the case? It’s hard to speak for the consumer goods and service industry as a whole, but our project proved otherwise. Our concept is an ‘unmatchable’ match, a combination of education and play. Of course, some games are made to educate children, but are they all equally effective? The truth is that very few games will actually result in progress for children and their parents.

We didn’t take it seriously when creating the City of Professions. The only thing we were hundred percent sure of is that children will love this project, and it was with this certainty that gave us hope and strength to create the new methodology.

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