Knowledge Exchange in Electronic Networks of Practice

Knowledge Exchange in Electronic Networks of Practice

Robin Teigland (Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden) and Molly Wasko (Florida State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-553-5.ch309


Communities of practice (CoPs) are regarded as essential building blocks of the knowledge economy, and organizations are promoting them as sources of competitive advantage and facilitators of organizational learning. Within organizations, CoPs have traditionally emerged through the mutual engagement in work by individuals who are either physically co-located or who frequently meet face-to-face (Orr, 1996; Wenger, 1998). In an effort to replicate traditional CoPs online and in response to hypercompetitive conditions and increasing complexity, numerous organizations have implemented online networks to facilitate knowledge sharing. We refer to these online social structures focused on knowledge exchange as “electronic networks of practice” (ENoPs).

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