Marketing: History and Development of Its Definition

Marketing: History and Development of Its Definition

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The article contains a description of the historical evolution of marketing and the evolution of marketing definition. Learning the history of marketing and the evolution of its thinking is supposed to be an inconsequential effort, or at the very least it can be expected to be an unbalanced effort, where the benefits obtained are potentially out of proportion to the commitment required and the knowledge obtained. It is also pertinent to complete the history of marketing with the evolution of the definition of marketing, assessing what has changed over the years to the current version. A table will be presented with a list of the most prominent definitions identified in the bibliography, starting with Converse's 1921 definition and ending with the 2017 AMA definition.
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Robert Bartels, probably one of the researchers who has devoted the most time to the study of marketing history, states that the dimensions of marketing thought are at least the following:

  • Structural - Division into subfields: Advertising, sales management, market studies, distribution, and other subfields

  • Intellectual: Scientificity of the discipline

  • Temporal: Temporal evolution of its development

  • Spatial: Cultural evaluation

  • Interdisciplinarity: Degree of interrelation with other disciplines of knowledge

  • Personal: Influence by subjective factors that determined the individual vision

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