Mobilizing World

Mobilizing World

Gonca Telli Yamamoto (Okan University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-916-8.ch008
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The human being benefits from his or her ability to communicate and turn knowledge into action in order to sustain its ability to survive on this planet, the earth. As a result of the fast life conditions imposed on humanity, point-to-point relationships have begun to be established in a faster way and the idea to use technology to acquire and share knowledge has become widespread. Doing the right thing leads to improving and advancing the standard of life. The products of the mind can now be produced easier than ever by scope of technology. Intercommunication between people begins with talking; humans first talk and then express his or her emotions and opinions. Mobile telephone is the name of the latest technology which creates a worldwide area to talk in. One can easily notice how much the sector and its applications have developed only by looking at the first mobile phone which was launched in the world. Motorola Dyna TAC 8000x is one of these telephones. Its dimensions are 13x1.75x3.5. This is a brick-size device and you had to pay US $3,995 to own it in 1983. In return, what you would get was just a telephone which provides just voice communication and which could be used while moving. This affected concurrently users, families, types of entertainment even health issues and payments. The positive and negative effects have appeared in the evolutionary stage. Like the virtual environment (Han, Kim & Lee, 2005), the mobile environment which is used in order to cover customers’ needs for communication, information and entertainment is related to marketing with its different spirals and own sanctions. In this chapter we would like to give short notices for future researchers about the present conditions of major important topics and some new trends of these subjects.
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Mobile Phone Users

The mobile phone is among the fastest communication instruments, but it has gained meaning beyond communication in our lives and turned into a platform that fulfills the functions of all devices which deliver activities such as informing, entertaining, measuring and evaluating. At present, the most important purpose of the mobile phone is to reach others either through texting or calling. Although the mobile phone is used to cover needs in general (to talk and communicate), it also addresses the different purposes of use; for example, the chronometer, clock and agenda, photo camera, gaming, entertainment, Internet, map, telephone index, voice recorder, remote control, music, radio, notebook, communication lists, etc.

The habit of using mobile phones has become widespread for almost every age. Sometimes it is even given to babies like a toy. Children who have not even learned how to read and write turn on the mobile phone and play various games while they can also change the melody of the phone or use many functions of the phone.

From a customers’ point of view, services provided to customers in parallel to both the extra features of mobile phones and to its ability to build communication are important. People are now paying attention whether the mobile phone has the features to facilitate their daily lives, to add entertainment to their times, and to provide information to them. Individuals may, for the time being, prefer to use certain functions available on mobile phones with other tools. Most of the respondents benefit from the speaking and messaging features of mobile phones rather than their large-scale features. Looking at utilization areas, most people can actually be satisfied with phones which can call and message to a desired number, or mostly have music broadcast, clock and some other small functions.

Users may also build an emotional connection and a deep relationship with these instruments which are also considered as close friends by users (Wehmeyer, 2007; Jarvenpaa & Lang 2005).

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