Promoting Place Appeal: New Tools and Strategies

Promoting Place Appeal: New Tools and Strategies

Bruce Henry Lambert (Localversity, Sweden)
Copyright: © 2015 |Pages: 10
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8577-2.ch004


Widespread internet usage and continuing advances in information systems have greatly changed the dynamics of tourism. Industry providers now have many comparatively low-cost methods available to follow-up exploratory queries in assorted languages, and to maintain post-visit contact with customers. But the push-pull of information has radically changed (and is still evolving). Service providers might welcome the opportunity to better target many more prospective visitors at minimal cost, but soon recognize both negative & positive aspects to widely-referenced user reviews (which are sometimes snidely contributed by competitors). Regional policymakers struggle to develop common platforms to assist with new competitive realities. Destination marketing has expanded to include needs to cultivate investment, generate tourism, and attract mobile experts, while developing & retaining creative local talent. The more competitive local economies have found measures to enjoy prosperity, while other locales suffer collapsing property values & simply watch residents migrate away. This chapter highlights examples of creative uses of e-tourism for improving place appeal.
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Transforming Competitive Advantage

Information has become easier, cheaper, and immediate. It is also participatory: visitors often now post images and reviews of their shopping, dining, lodging and transport experiences, and many people greatly value social networking as a means to identify appropriate destinations. Some people, perhaps complete strangers, will ask past visitors to clarify their online postings, and seek further suggestions.

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