Tourism, Leisure, and Sports Industries
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Tourism, Leisure, and Sports Industries

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Individuals around the world spend billions of dollars annually on leisure activities, travel, and dining out as a means of entertainment. The profitability of the tourism, hospitality, and entertainment industries has been a catalyst for further research and study in order to further advance practice in the field.

The Tourism, Leisure, and Sports Industries topic collection consists of 10 research-based publications highlighting the latest strategies, methodologies, and trends in the entertainment, travel, and hospitality industries. The books featured in this topic collection are essential to furthering the research available in the field as well as providing real-world examples, applications, and case studies. Managers, professionals, researchers, academics, and students studying in the areas of travel, tourism, hospitality, and sports management will find this collection especially relevant to their professional and academic research needs.

Release date: October 1, 2015
ISBN13: 9781466698246|EISBN13: 9781466698253


The sports, travel, and hospitality sectors are a multi-billion dollar enterprise as individuals from around the world routinely indulge in activities intended to provide entertainment. The Tourism, Leisure, and Sports Industries topic collection presents 10 research-based publications on a range of forward-thinking topics on entertainment industry, hospitality and hotel management, tourism and travel, and sports management. Highlighting the latest strategies, methodologies, and trends in the field, the books featured within this topic collection fit the professional and academic needs of managers, professionals, researchers, academics, and students.

Topics Covered

  • E-tourism
  • Hospitality Management
  • Hotel Management
  • International Tourism
  • Medical Tourism
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Marketing
  • Tourism Management

Books Included in this Collection

Emerging Research on Islamic Marketing and Tourism in the Global Economy
Hatem El-Gohary (Birmingham City University Business School, UK & Cairo University Business School, Egypt), Riyad Eid (United Arab Emirates University, UAE & Tanta University, Egypt). © 2015. 311 pages.
As the Middle East continues to grow as a predominant force within the international marketplace, research into Islamic practices and culture is necessary to promote business success in the region. Emerging Research on Islamic Marketing and Tourism in the Global Economy offers in-depth perspectives on...
Emerging Trends and Innovation in Sports Marketing and Management in Asia
Ho Keat Leng (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Noah Yang Hsu (Aletheia University, Taiwan). © 2015. 355 pages.
Once only associated with North America and Europe, formal athletic events are now becoming more prevalent in Asia as well. With the expansion of this industry, there is a need for efficient and strategic advertising to promote competitions, events, and teams. Emerging Trends and Innovation in Sports...
International Tourism and Hospitality in the Digital Age
Suresh Kumar (University Shimla, India), Mohinder Chand Dhiman (Kurukshetra University, India), Ashish Dahiya (Central University of Haryana, India). © 2015. 326 pages.
Tourism is one of the most rapidly evolving industries of the twenty-first century. The economy of many countries all over the world depends on their ability to attract visitors and maintain a distinct edge in a highly competitive market. International Tourism and Hospitality in the Digital Age brings...
Educational Strategies for the Next Generation Leaders in Hotel Management
Jiuguang Feng (Les Roches Jin Jiang International Hotel Management College, China), Sacha Stocklin (Les Roches Jin Jiang International Hotel Management College, China), Wei Wang (Foreign Languages College, Shanghai Normal University, China). © 2015. 399 pages.
As the hospitality industry continues to grow, managers and educators are faced with the task of preparing future hospitality professionals for a rewarding but challenging career. Due to the impact of an ever-changing economy on the industry as a whole, the education of hotel managers and professionals...
Current Issues and Emerging Trends in Medical Tourism
Malcolm Cooper (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan), Kazem Vafadari (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan), Mayumi Hieda (St. Luke Clinic, Oita, Japan). © 2015. 430 pages.
The era of globalization allows for more connectivity between nations and cultures. This increase in international association gives citizens more availability to take advantage of opportunities in other nations, such as medical assistance and accompanying services. Current Issues and Emerging Trends...
New Business Opportunities in the Growing E-Tourism Industry
Hajime Eto (University of Tsukuba, Japan). © 2015. 395 pages.
Responding to the dual pressures of globalization and economic downturn, communities across the world formerly driven by agriculture and industry are increasingly turning toward tourism as an economic mainstay. In order for industry leaders to compete with the efforts of competitors and savvy...
Handbook of Research on Global Hospitality and Tourism Management
Angelo A. Camillo (Sonoma State University, USA). © 2015. 621 pages.
The tourism industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, with more people from all cultures and nationalities choosing to spend their leisure time traveling and visiting new locations. To exploit this burgeoning market, tourism agencies must carefully consider the desires and goals of travelers from...
Emerging Innovative Marketing Strategies in the Tourism Industry
Nilanjan Ray (Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan). © 2015. 425 pages.
The continuous growth and expansion of the travel sector has brought about a greater need to understand and improve its various promotional tactics. Effectively employing these methods will benefit all manner of travel destinations and attract a larger number of tourists to these locations. Emerging...
Strategies in Sports Marketing: Technologies and Emerging Trends
Manuel Alonso Dos Santos (Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción, Chile). © 2014. 363 pages.
The application of marketing concepts to sports products and services is vital to the success of the industry. When appealing to the target audience of an event, it is essential to construct a strong marketing plan by utilizing emergent technologies and strategies. Strategies in Sports Marketing...
Handbook of Research on the Impact of Culture and Society on the Entertainment Industry
R. Gulay Ozturk (İstanbul Commerce University, Turkey). © 2014. 737 pages.
In the age of ubiquitous media and globalization, the entertainment industry has changed dramatically to accommodate a more comprehensive and diverse audience. As such, research into the influence of culture on entertainment and the media is necessary in order to facilitate further developments in the...