Role of Consumer Engagement and Swarm Intelligence in Management of a Brand at Social Media

Role of Consumer Engagement and Swarm Intelligence in Management of a Brand at Social Media

Rajshree Singh (Amity University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0788-8.ch051


The traditional media has its own place and will always be there but the revolution in marketing era will change the thinking of the society as a whole and the various communication channels will always be in flux. The ability to think collectively seeks cognitive architectures of collective intelligence which today from consumer's perspective is to become a human swarm with the use of social media. With the growth of social media, marketing companies need something more innovative to engage and interact with their customers. As the marketplace becomes noisier, with more products being introduced, fight is not just mindshare but share of attention. Various organizations have started exploring the power of such a large user membership to influence the online buyers at social media and are attempting to engage consumers with their brands, which will finally influence their brand image. The chapter explores the extent of consumer experience and engagement, how online consumers are engaged towards a specific brand. The methodology for study is empirical evidence through netnography, and result of this study is through correlation and regression model. Findings confirm the factors contributing to consumer engagement and swarm intelligence in management of a brand at social media.
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1. Introduction

Through social networking websites, people cross boundaries, language barriers, and share information with others. The information available on these websites easily becomes the voice of many. Every day we see different types of individuals and they behave in a very different way as a single identity from how they behave collectively in a group. Human swarm mindset is an array of project and it is very important to maximize the number of happy customers. These days, individuals are having access to lot of information because of social networking websites. Organizations are working on social networks for marketing, but they lack in understanding the behavior of individuals who are present on the social network. An individual, who is there on the social network, is independent and will find the solution himself or herself by sharing knowledge, information, and intelligence with others. So, it is very important to understand that an independent individual, who is present on a social network, can act as reader and writer by sharing his own set of thoughts with others and also passing the intelligence over the passage of time. Companies need to understand the power of online communities and also start providing the social networking apps that can give best results from the social networks.

Companies should use their own system by using their own game rules. Organizations need to define new protocols of communication and find various modes or channels to reduce the language barriers worldwide. They need to provide the appropriate interface to fulfill the requirement of communication through social networks and the applications should have the database and knowledge management system for all the users. This knowledge management system will maintain the data of various users and the information regarding the experiences, reviews, and feedback. This type of application will work as a source of information for users in future related to marketing activities. There is a need for hosting the appropriate content on a firm initiative, which by matching consumer requirements helps develop a relationship between firm and consumer (Ahuja & Medury, 2010), thus helping them in their decision-making and facilitating purchase intentions.

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