E-Services Privacy: Needs, Approaches, Challenges, Models, and Dimensions

E-Services Privacy: Needs, Approaches, Challenges, Models, and Dimensions

Osama Shata
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-945-8.ch012
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This chapter introduces several aspects related to e-privacy such as needs, approaches, challenges, and models. It argues that e-privacy protection, although being of interest to many parties such as industry, government, and individuals, is very difficult to achieve since these stakeholders often have conflicting needs and requirements and may even have conflicting understanding of e-privacy. So finding one model or one approach to e-privacy protection that may satisfy these stakeholders is a challenging task. Furthermore, the author hopes that this chapter will present an acceptable definition for e-privacy and use this definition to discuss various aspects of e-privacy protection such as principles of developing e-privacy policies, individuals and organizations needs of various privacy issues, challenges of adopting and coping with e-privacy policies, tools and models to support e-privacy protection in both public and private networks, related legislations that protect or constraint e-privacy, and spamming and Internet censorship in the context of e-privacy. The author hopes that understanding these aspects will assist researchers in developing policies and systems that will bring the conflict in e-privacy protection needs of individuals, industry, and government into better alignment.

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