Supporting the Implementation of Online Learning

Supporting the Implementation of Online Learning

Daniel W. Surry (University of South Alabama, USA) and David C. Ensminger (Loyola University Chicago, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-963-7.ch015


Technology plays an important role in modern society. It is hard to imagine living in a world without such essential technologies as wireless communication, the Internet, laser surgery, polymers, and jet aircrafts, among countless other examples. Technology has had a profound effect on almost all aspects of our lives including banking, communications, medicine, transportation, energy, and the military. As inthese other areas, technology is now playing an increasingly important role in education. A variety of technologies have been introduced into the schools overthe last few decades. Among the most common of these are computer assisted instruction, multimedia presentations, classroom management software, and various assistive and adaptive technologies. In more recent years, distance and online learning technologies have advanced to the point where online learning is now a viable option for the delivery of high quality educational and training programs. The potential for technology, especially distance and online learning, to revolutionize education and training is beyond question.

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