Teaching and Learning: A Paradigm Shift

Teaching and Learning: A Paradigm Shift

Jogindra Nath Sahu, Ankita Awasthi, Kuldeep Kumar Saxena
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2245-5.ch005
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Teaching is not only a profession. But this is a noble cause of educating and building the society through imparting knowledge. This knowledge makes the students skilled, conceptually and technically, to achieve their goals in life. Present teaching-learning methodology is more concerned with laboratory experiments and hands-on practice with the purpose of learning through real-time simulation exercise around the whole globe. All education authorities are more concerned towards making the students not only educated but employable also. Teachers are playing a major role in adding skills and values for the betterment of students, society, environment, and economy.
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Teaching And Learning Challenges

The rain is poured uniformly on a surface,whereas the accumulation of water is different as per the location and situation. Similar to the teaching methodology that will uniform for all the students, but the accumulation of knowledge remains un-even. The role of a teacher and teaching pedagogy starts to make this accumulation uniform throughout the class. Teaching and learning methodology should adapt in a manner that subject and content become understandable to everyone as per their capacity (Kaufman, 1996). The present and ancient education system in India cannot be overlooked by narrating the teaching and learning system in this chapter.

The ancient Indian teaching system is entirely different from the present scenario and shown in Fig. 1. The moral base ancient teaching system in India is well known all over the world, and many scholars attracted to India for their careers in different disciplines. The history is full of such evidence for incredible Indian teaching systems where it is Ayurveda, classical music, astronomy, etc.

Figure 1.

Education system in India; a) ancient and b) present


In the present scenario, the newly developed technology has an important role in teaching methodology. It clears that the involvement of technology makes the teaching system much easier for the teachers and more interesting for the students. The SMART classes with the live videos and the actual test results of the topic with more animation and powerpoint application make ever seen changes in the teaching and learning style by which the understanding capacity of the student by visualization of the subject in a different way for more clarity and understanding (Prasad and Prasad, 2005). Figure 2 shows the smart class teaching.

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