Telework and Data Privacy and Security

Telework and Data Privacy and Security

Reima Suomi
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Telework is a major phenomenon of the information society. It refers to work being done independently of time and place, still often in an employment relationship with an organization, and heavily supported by modern information and communication technology. Telework can also be identified in terms such as e-work and distance work or telecommuting, in general telework is a part of the virtual organization metaphor. Telework, through its liberty from place and time specificity or performing work, is a major change agent leading us towards a new information and knowledge society. It is expected to bring in productivity, better output quality and employee, employer and customer satisfaction. A better utilization of human resources can be expected, as through telework employees can work to many organizations, so sharing and also strengthening their professional skills and status.

Key Terms in this Chapter

IT-Infrastructure: (Here) the information and communication technology resources needed for successful performance of organizational (tele)work

Telecommuting: A synonym to the term “Telework” stressing the fact that through the arrangement real commuting between workplace and home is avoided

Telework: A working arrangement where at least some parts of the working tasks are performed outside the regular working place in an employee-employer -relation, and where information technology is an important tool

eWork: Work performed through application of modern information and communication technology. A wider term than the term “Telework.”

Data Privacy: Right of an individual to participate in decisions regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of information personally identifiable to that individual

Data Security: Data files are not subject to unauthorized access, change or destruction

Virtual Organization: A temporary network of actors, linked by information and communications technologies, with the purpose of delivering a service or product

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