The Roles of Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Global Marketing

The Roles of Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Global Marketing

Kijpokin Kasemsap (Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8262-7.ch003


This chapter introduces the roles of cross-cultural perspectives in global marketing, thus explaining theoretical and practical concepts of cross-cultural consumer country-of-origin perceptions, cross-cultural consumer trust, cross-cultural consumer animosity, cross-cultural consumer ethnocentrism toward global brand, cross-cultural global brand reputation, and cross-cultural social networking services. Businesses must recognize, respect, and reconcile cultural differences if they hope to successfully contract in the global business environments. Cross-cultural understanding and cultural knowledge for global marketing approaches are the key issues to be considered for a favorable integration into the cross-cultural organizations. Applying cross-cultural perspectives in global marketing will vastly improve organizational performance and achieve strategic objectives in the social media age.
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With the globalization of the world economy, culture’s role in shaping business relationships has become a critical focus of academic researchers’ attention as well (Dash, Bruning, & Guin, 2009). Globalization of markets and international competition are requiring firms to operate in a multicultural environment (Luna & Gupta, 2001). Businesses are increasing working with individuals and corporations from multiple nations (Sims, 2006). While considerable progress in the area of cross-cultural consumer ethics exists, much research remains to guide the marketing strategies of international organization (Barry, Dion, & Johnson, 2008; Vitell, 2003).

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