The State-of-the-Art Cryptography Techniques for Secure Data Transmission

The State-of-the-Art Cryptography Techniques for Secure Data Transmission

Bhanu Chander (Pondicherry University, India)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2242-4.ch014


Cryptography is a progression where message correspondences are intelligently sent from one abuser to an additional abuser which endows with frequent defense services like privacy, data truthfulness, or verification to the wireless transportation structure. An encryption method keeps exceptional crucial contribution to communication safety measures. Here we mentioned characteristics of various Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption techniques along with inclusion of optimization techniques in cryptography for decrease computation difficulty. Moreover, advanced encryption techniques such as Zero-knowledge, Multi-party, Homomorphism encryptions, and Cognitive cryptography, Blockchain with their associated protocols are described. The present day's extensive research practices on quantum computer machines explain mathematical tribulations which are complicated or stubborn for classical computers. Quantum cryptography, challenges, Goal of Quantum resistant cryptography with associated literature work is described.
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The advancements in expansions of communication and electronic technologies, one steadfast barrier need to be proven as one of the major challenges which called as Data security. Present days the entire world depends on the internet and its applications for our everyday digitalized part work. Internet-based applications are steadily improved and emergent at a fast rate. Noticeable and continuous progress in digital communication is a bystander for internet application enlargement. Moreover, the increasing growth in machinery principally in digital communications is one of the methodological establishments for modern society. Considering the outstanding development in the view of technological progress, made the safe way of data diffusion over the internet turns to be an interested assignment. Information security grown-up as a foremost issue in our daily digitalized life. Moreover, the importance of network security increases day by day as the size of the information being transformed across the internet. The advancements of new broadcast technologies force a definite stratagem of security mechanism principally in the circumstances of data communication (Omar et al., 2018; Eminam et al., 2018; Ramesh et al., 2016; Feng et al., 2018).

Information security can be in the form of summed information, procedures, protocols, strategies and a group of steps, instructions that are exploited to prevent and deeply examine illegitimate issues, perturbation, troubleshoot and adjustment of computer network resources. Otherwise, intruder/adversaries may hack/steal the data and use it for some other favorable purpose. As a result, while data transmission secure communication sessions must be added, it turns to a key feature in order to evaluate network performances. For enhance, the security, privacy, and reliability involve a lot of work to reinforce the existing methods from constant trails to break them and develop up-to-the-minute methods that are dead set against the majority kinds of attacks. To get connected securely, quickly in the course of electronic information broadcast via the web, that information should be encoded (Omar et al., 2018; Mateusz Zych et al., 2018; Valileias et al., 2018; M.Guru et al., 2016).

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