Why Students Prefer “Business Administration Education”?: A Qualitative Research With the International Students

Why Students Prefer “Business Administration Education”?: A Qualitative Research With the International Students

Beliz Ülgen (Istanbul Commerce University, Turkey) and Nihan Yavuz Aksakal (Istanbul Commerce University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7548-2.ch010
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This chapter aims to identify the factors that are effective in the decisions of business students to choose this department. For this purpose, motivating factors for personality and work life were preferred in the study and questions were prepared in this direction. A and B type personality structures were preferred for the personality factor. The motivating factors for business life examined under three headings as occupational prestige/status, earning potential, potential of occupational advancement. The sample of the research consists of the senior year undergraduate students in the Department of the Business Administration from different universities. Data were collected through a semi-structured interview technique. In the research, a total of 25 students were interviewed on an online platform. In the results of the research, personality type tendencies of the students were revealed, and it was observed that factors such as prestigious job, status, high income, career progression, family, and personality influence their preferences of the business administration department.
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The choice of department, which is the starting point and an important stage of individual career planning, is one of the critical decisions regarding students’ future and includes a comprehensive process. In the construction of a happy and successful career future, it is extremely important to determine and evaluate the factors that are effective in the appropriate education for this career and in the right department choice. Students’ satisfaction with the choice of a major will also provide satisfaction with their academic field of study, future profession and career (Lakhal et al., 2012).

Key Terms in this Chapter

Prestige: It can be described as “respectability”, which can be evaluated at an individual or social level.

Personality: It is all the characteristics, behaviors, and habits that distinguish a person from other people.

Type A Personality: They are hasty individuals, tend to do more than one job at the same time, are competitive and impatient, and have a high level of stress/anxiety.

Type B Personality: They are individuals who do not feel pressure, are less competitive, calm, empathetic, and flexible.

Business Administration Education: It's a kind of university-level education that provides both theoretical and practical knowledge about the functions required in the management of businesses.

Career: It consists of the experiences and titles that the person has throughout working life.

Status: It is about how the individual perceives herself/himself in society and how she/he is perceived by society and includes the roles she/he has.

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