Are Wii Having Fun Yet?

Are Wii Having Fun Yet?

Christina Badman (Sacred Heart Catholic School, USA) and Matthew DeNote (Espiritu Santo Catholic School, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-2848-9.ch003


Today’s students live and thrive in a digital environment, and educators need to help them succeed in the present, as well as their impossible to predict future. Using elements of gaming in the classroom, the authors of this case have provided their students with a challenging and engaging classroom setting where creative and critical thought processes are encouraged and rewarded. This chapter is based on two years’ worth of work (still ongoing today) incorporating the Nintendo Wii gaming platform into multiple subjects and grade levels. Since there is no way to know what our world will have to offer when the youth of today graduate from college, it is vital to focus on helping students learn how to think creatively and critically, adapt to different situations, and work collaboratively with others to solve problems and complete tasks. The authors feel gaming in the classroom allows students the opportunity to practice and refine these important life skills.
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Overview Of Nintendo Wii™ Software Utilized

See Table 1.

Table 1.
Nintendo Wii™ Software
Software TitleGame PlayedSubject IntegrationTopic Addressed
Wii SportsWii GolfMathSubtraction/Customary Conversions/Averaging
Wii SportsWii BaseballMathAveraging
Big Brain Academy: Wii DegreeBalloon BurstMathComparing and Ordering Integers
Wii SportsWii BowlingMathIdentifying and Writing Ratios
30 Great Games Outdoor Fun for the WiiInternal Clock 2MathUsing integers in real world situations
Endless OceanEndless OceanLanguage Arts/ScienceCreative Writing and Study of Marine Habitats
Big Brain Academy: Wii DegreeRelay GameVariousTeam Building and Critical Thinking Skills
Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?VariousTeam Building and Critical Thinking Skills
WordJong PartyWordJong PartyLanguage ArtsVocabulary Building
Amazing RaceAmazing RaceLanguage Arts/Social Studies/MathReading/Reading Comprehension/Geography/Critical Thinking Skills/Team Building/Various Math Calculations
Oregon TrailOregon TrailLanguage Arts/Social Studies/MathHistory/Geography/Reading/Reading Comprehension/Critical Thinking Skills/Team Building/Money Skills
Wii Sports ResortGolfMathSubtraction of whole numbers and decimals/ Addition with decimals
Winter Sports, the Ultimate ChallengeSki JumpingMathMetric Conversion/ Using formulas/ Solving Problems using Decimals in Division/ Converting Decimals into Fractions/ Solving Proportions and Ratios
The Amazing Brain TrainThe Amazing Brain TrainVariousTeam Building and Critical Thinking Skills

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