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Encyclopedia of Information Communication Technology
A term to refer to the object that is of little interest or visual importance in an image.
Published in Chapter:
Using Dynamic Visualizations to Enhance Learning in Physical Geography
Joan Bellou (The University of Ioannina, Greece)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 14
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-845-1.ch105
According to the literature, the problems that appear in Physical Geography teaching and learning can be classified in the following five categories: 1. Terminology: Students cannot describe geographic characteristics using geographic terminology (Harwood & Jackson, 1993; Keliher, 1997; Golledge, 2005). 2. Interpretation: There are misconceptions and difficulties in the interpretation and explanation of geographic characteristics and phenomena. This is quite often observed among elementary students (Schee et al., 1992; Neighbour, 1992; Livni & Bar, 1998; Pedersen et al., 2005). 3. Language: There is a difficulty for students to express themselves verbally, especially using geographic terminology. Pupils perform better using alternative methods, such as sketching geomorphologic evolution. There is not a problem in perception, but rather in the usage of language (Harwood & Jackson, 1993; Keliher, 1997; Gobert, 2000; Golledge, 2005). 4. Symbols: Misconceptions and difficulties arise from the frequent use of symbols for geographic characteristics rendering. Symbols mainly concern the color attribution of hypsometric levels, discrimination between mountains, hills, valleys and plains, catchment basins and erosion levels (Fredrich & Fuller, 1998; Nordstrom & Jackson, 2001; Livni & Bar, 2001; Verdi & Kulhavy, 2002). 5. Static media: Natural phenomena have a dynamic character that is difficult or impossible to be represented in a static way (Siegburg, 1987; Schee et al., 1992; Neighbour, 1992; Livni & Bar, 1998; Cooshna Naik & Teelock, 2006). Misconceptions mainly concern changes on the earth anaglyph and especially the phenomenon of erosion (Gregg, 2001).
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