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What is Balancing Loop

Using Information Technology Advancements to Adapt to Global Pandemics
Balancing loop is a causal loop that tries to bring a system to the desired state and keep it there.
Published in Chapter:
Technological Growth in Religious Organisations: Exploring Social Media Through System Dynamics
Courage Matobobo (University of South Africa, South Africa) and Felix Bankole (University of South Africa, South Africa)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9418-6.ch007
Membership growth is an important aspect in religious organisations. Yet, the manner in which several religious organisations attract their membership has changed due to the adoption and use of social media. This study explores how technological factors influence the growth of religious organisations during and in the aftermath of the pandemic. Using the Seventh-Day Adventist Church (SDA) membership data, the research employed system dynamics. The findings from the quantitative data showed that the commitment of church members, good computer skills, age, and availability of resources contributed to the successful use of social media towards church membership growth. In addition, the qualitative data reveals that online evangelism is key to the growth of religious organisations. The results of the findings conclude that the growth of religious organisations can be improved by intensifying the level of online evangelism, improving commitment from members and utilisation of multichannel social media.
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System Dynamics
A feedback loop with an odd number of negative causal relationships. Elements in this kind of loop perform goal seeking or oscillation.
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Developing a Dynamic View of Broadband Adoption
A feature of a problem that may be observed using influence diagrams. Loops exist where a chain of cause and effect leads back to the same variable. In a balancing loop an even number of negative relationships between each of the variables in the chain causes quantities to decrease throughout the loop. In a model these relationships may represent potential goal-seeking behavior in the problem.
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