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What is Communication Disorder

Handbook of Research on Child and Adolescent Psychology Practices and Interventions
An impairment in the ability to send, receive, comprehend, and express.
Published in Chapter:
Sibling Relationship and Communication Disorders
Abhishek Budiguppe Panchakshari (All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, India) and Girish K. Siddaraju (JSSISH, Dharwad, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-9983-2.ch005
Sibling relationships are one of the most influential relationships, and they last for a lifetime. The dynamics of the relationship would evolve with respect to time. In the initial years of years of life, the relationship is filled with jealousy, competition, and rivalry; however, this relationship would turn more cordial. The dynamics of relationships are quite different if one of the children (siblings) has a communication disorder. The attention of the parents would be channelized on the target child with communication disorder, this would elicit negative feelings in the less attended sibling. In addition to this, the sibling can face humiliation, shame, and embarrassment caused due to their sibling, this can strain the relationship further. The current book chapter discusses the evolvement of sibling relationships with time, potential variables influencing sibling dynamics, and sibling relationships in communication disorders. It also discusses the sibling relationship involving some specific disorders like autism, intellectual disability, and stuttering.
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Distance Education in Speech-Language Therapy: Telepractice With Children With Speech and Language Disorders
A communication disorder is defined by any type of impairment that could be found in the process of reception or expression of verbal or nonverbal concepts. A communication disorder can be developmental or acquired and can affect the processes of hearing, language, and speech.
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