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What is Communication Strategy

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Third Edition
Type of communication among vehicles or between vehicles and the system.
Published in Chapter:
Real-Time Smart Navigation and the Genetic Approach to Vehicle Routing
Cristina De Castro (IEIIT-CNR, National Research Council of Italy and WiLab, University of Bologna, Italy), Barbara Mavì Masini (IEIIT-CNR, National Research Council of Italy and WiLab, University of Bologna, Italy), Ibrahim Habib (Grove School of Engineering, The City College of New York, USA), and Oreste Andrisano (DEI and WiLab, School of Engineering and Architecture, University of Bologna, Italy)
Copyright: © 2015 |Pages: 12
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-5888-2.ch192
The ever increasing traffic requirements are boosting the evolution of Smart Navigation Systems, where innately time-variant information, such as road conditions, must be properly handled with. For instance, when the quickest route to a destination is requested, if significant traffic variations occur during the trip, the first path suggested can become no longer efficient. In this case, the user must be indicated an alternative in real-time. Three main interactive factors contribute to service quality: architectures, wireless communication methods and vehicle routing algorithms. An infrastructure and communication strategies are thus presented, for traffic monitoring, vehicle-system data exchange, and real-time transmission of path variations. Results about saved travel time are reported. A survey is then presented about the performance of Genetic Algorithms in real-time routing, with special attention to localized searches; a variant is consequently proposed of the adopted traffic control and prediction architecture.
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Crisis Communication in the Age of Social Media and the Case of Dairy Khoury
A set of communication activities to reach an organizational objective(s). It targets a well-defined audience with strategic messaging, using a choice of communication tools that would best reach that audience. A communication strategy aims to achieve a high level of performance, create values for its shareholders and satisfaction for the target audience in a competitive market
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Transparency in Latin American and Caribbean Supreme Auditing Institutions
Guidelines for action about what, how, and where to communicate the activities and results carried out by the institutions.
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Online Persuasive Communication: 8000Kicks Brand Case Study
Brand marketing communication actions to promote products and services to customers, and communication actions to communicate with external and internal audiences.
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The Impact of Real-Time Marketing in the Engagement of the Brand “Control” on Instagram
Plan for communicating with the brand's target audience. It includes a communication diagnosis, the definition of communication objectives and audiences, a strategic positioning, communication actions, and calendar, budget, and metrics.
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Do Spanish Family SMEs Make Appropriate Use of Their Organizational Websites?: An Analysis of Family Firms' Brand Promotion and Website Quality Level
It is a tool that helps firms align their general goals with a marketing plan focused on achieving a set of results.
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