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What is Community Network

Handbook of Research on ICTs for Human-Centered Healthcare and Social Care Services
Information infrastructure, services, applications, and content to support the activities of a community; usually implies support for a geo-located and pre-existing community, rather than a purely Internet-based community (as in online community or network community).
Published in Chapter:
Community Networks: Infrastructure and Models for Therapeutic Support
John M. Carroll (Pennsylvania State University, USA) and Mary Beth Rosson (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-3986-7.ch010
The authors present a socio-technical design that illustrates how a community network health intervention can mobilize human resources across social boundaries and enhance health and well-being for people on both sides of the boundary. They specifically address how to reduce the barriers to social engagement experienced by autistic individuals who want more supportive life opportunities. The authors focus on the social milieu of an American college town, on traditional town-gown boundaries, and on possibilities for integrating social resources within this context. Their design adopts community networking to not only connect autistic persons living within an existing social milieu (university undergraduates; local autistic children and their families), but also to integrate individuals across milieus. The key design idea is that facilitating cross-milieu interactions can initiate and sustain a virtuous cycle of being helped by helping others.
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Providing VoD Services in Community Networks Using P2P Technology
Community networks are the sum of all networks that interconnect devices in the homes and the homes in a neighborhood.
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E-Tagging in Context: Information Management across Community Networks
Formally, community networks constitute systems supporting distinct geographical communities.
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Supporting Community with Location-Sensitive Mobile Applications
Computer system designed to support a geographical community by enhancing existing physical entities and social relationships
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Planning of Wireless Community Networks
The combination of the telecommunication infrastructure, the services provided upon it and the specific business model to operate the infrastructure and provide services.
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