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What is Conceptual Modeling

Handbook of Research on Emerging Advancements and Technologies in Software Engineering
The act of devising a model capturing the problem domain.
Published in Chapter:
Agile Development Processes and Knowledge Documentation
Eran Rubin (Holon Institute of Technology, Israel) and Hillel Rubin (Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), Israel)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6026-7.ch014
Agile processes emphasize operational system code rather than its documentation. Ironically, however, some traditional documentation artefacts come to support system-stakeholders interaction, which is another core aspect of agile development processes. In this chapter, the authors examine the relationship between system development and knowledge documentation. They develop an approach that enables incorporating domain documentation to agile development while keeping the processes adaptive. The authors also provide a system design that actively uses domain knowledge documentation.
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Unified Modeling Language 2.0
an action describing a domain with the help of a particular artificial or formalized language.
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Temporalities for Workflow Management Systems
A model which describes a part of the real world at a very high level, without considering any implementation issue.
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Using Simulation Systems for Decision Support
is the process of defining a non-software specific formal specification of a conceptualization building the basis for the implementation of a simulation system (or another model-based implementation) describing the objectives, inputs, outputs, content, assumptions, and simplifications of the model. The conceptual model conceptual model is a bridge between the real world observations and the high-level implementation artifacts.
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Aligning Strategic-Driven Governance of Business IT Services With Their Agile Development: A Conceptual Modeling-Based Approach
A formal technique that uses abstractions of organizational settings, user requirements, software system behavior/structure (among others) in order to help stakeholders build, document and improve a modeled reality.
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