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What is Content-Based Filtering

Encyclopedia of Information Communication Technology
It uses product features and recommends products to users that have similar features with those they rated highly during the past.
Published in Chapter:
E-Commerce Recommendation Systems
Konstantinos Markellos (University of Patras, Greece), Penelope Markellou (University of Patras, Greece), Aristotelis Mertis (University of Patras, Greece), and Angeliki Panayiotaki (University of Patras, Greece & Hellenic Ministry of Economy & Finance, Greece)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 9
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-845-1.ch024
In the last decade electronic and wireless technologies have changed the way companies do business forever. E-commerce (electronic commerce) and e-business (electronic business) feature as extremely dynamic economic sectors and at the same time, as the most appealing ways of beginning or expanding a business activity. Successful companies today recognize these technologies and the Internet as mainstream to business success. Indeed, their future will continue to be promising to companies seeking means for cost cutting, enhanced productivity, improved efficiency, and increased customers’ satisfaction. On the other hand, this networked economy is notably characterized by the impersonal nature of the online environment and the extensive use of IT (information technology), as opposed to face-to-face contact for transactions.
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Information Processing in Research Paper Recommender System Classes
An approach that recommends items based on the descriptions of that item matched against the description of the user profile.
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Multimedia Information Filtering
Organizes information based on properties of the object of preference and/or the carrier of information
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User Profile Modeling and Learning
The method of making recommendations to a user by matching user profile entries to content attributes.
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Semantic Web Technologies in the Service of Personalization Tools
is a recommendation strategy that estimates the relevance of an item to a user by matching its content descriptions against the attributes defined in the user’s profile.
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Online Educational Video Recommendation System Analysis
The use of certain features on the basis of likes, comments, reactions and explicit feedback to escalate recommendation for other items.
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Data Mining
A technique that involves a direct comparison between the content or attributes of a user’s profile and the document to make recommendations.
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Personalization in the Information Era
This includes techniques to estimate the relevance of a given service or piece of content for a target user, considering that user’s previous ratings for resources consumed in the past.
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Customizable Viewlets: A Generic Approach for the Mobile Web
A special approach for the development of recommender systems. In content-based filtering, recommendations are calculated based on the description of products.
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