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What is Context Aware Systems

Handbook of Research on User Interface Design and Evaluation for Mobile Technology
Technology embedded into our environments that communicates location, action, and other variables to help monitor the environment or individual.
Published in Chapter:
Mobile Design for Older Adults
Katie A. Siek (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-871-0.ch037
The global population of older people is steadily growing and challenging researchers in the human computer interaction community to design technologies to help them remain independent and preserve their quality of life. Researchers are addressing this challenge by creating assistive technology solutions using information appliances, such as personal digital assistants and mobile phones. Some have questioned whether older people can use information appliances because of age related problems. This chapter discusses work related to designing, implementing, and evaluating mobile applications for the aging. A discussion about what researchers should consider during the design process for information appliances shows the unique challenges posed by this population.
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Technologies to Improve the Quality of Handovers: Ontologies, Contexts and Mobility Management
is a system that makes use of context information to provide services relevant to the user. The service relevance depends on the user's specific task. In NGN, the context information, in which surrounds the mobile device and the network, is used to provide or improve network services by adapting the user's device to the environment conditions.
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