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What is Cultural Mediator

Handbook of Research on Medical Interpreting
The language intermediary, hired by Emergency ONG Onlus, who is called upon to provide language and cultural mediation between Emergency health professionals and migrant patients in triadic settings, and provide social and cultural orientation to migrant patients in dyadic encounters.
Published in Chapter:
Cultural Differences in Interpreter-Mediated Medical Encounters in Complex Humanitarian Settings: The Case of Emergency ONG Onlus
Maura Radicioni (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 23
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9308-9.ch007
Interpreters and mediators working in complex humanitarian settings are faced with new challenges, both linguistic and non-linguistic. As part of on-going research, this chapter reports on cultural differences in interpreting major variables in interpreter-mediated medical encounters in complex humanitarian scenarios. The author will address the importance of cultural issues in humanitarian interpreting, based on the assumption that differences in culture can be a serious barrier to effective humanitarian communication. The author focuses on the interpreters and cultural mediators working for the Italian NGO Emergency ONG Onlus, which provides medical assistance to migrant communities in Southern Italy at its Castel Volturno clinic. The aim is to highlight the importance of a shared culture between interpreters/mediators and their clients and adequately deal with existing cultural differences in order to enact a so-called “cultural compromise” between migrant patients and health professionals with the goal to facilitate prevention, health promotion and education, and treatment.
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Dramatizing the Climate Emergency: Thinking Up New Cultural Mediators in Environmental Education
A person (or group) who facilitates dialogue between parties, usually in conflict, enabling them to find ways to reach an understanding or find a solution to a problem. Cultural differences may be related to age, geography, politics, or education. In our case, we are interested in eco-citizen culture as opposed to consumerist culture, and in the culture of elderly people as opposed to that of younger people. Both categories must engage in dialogue and find common paths for ecological transition.
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