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What is Cyber Crime

Handbook of Research on Threat Detection and Countermeasures in Network Security
A conventional crime is a crime committed by conventional means; an example of conventional crimes is theft. Cyber crime is a crime committed by using the cyber media as internet, email and alike. An example of cyber crime is the email scam.
Published in Chapter:
Cyber Crimes: Types, Sizes, Defence Mechanism, and Risk Mitigation
Hasan L. Al-Saedy (British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6583-5.ch009
The financial cost of cyber crime now has an annual cost estimated in the UK in eleven figures. In this chapter an ethic based definition of cyber crime is introduced and cyber crimes are classified. The impact of each class of cyber crime on society, individual, government and international security is highlighted. The cost of cyber crime is evaluated and a technique to prevent and mitigate the effect of these crimes on individual, government and international security and world peace is indicated. The forensic techniques and tools used in cyber crime evidence gathering and prosecuting procedure is also indicated. Finally, recommendations and suggestion are given to mitigate the impact of cyber crime on individuals, societies, world finance and international security.
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Proposals to Win the Battle Against Cyber Crime
A crime committed using a computer and the communication as an object or subject of crime for illegal action to steal a person's identity, illegal imports, or malicious programs.
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Financial Forensic Evidence and Acceptability in the Court of Law
Refers to criminal activities committed by means of computers or the internet.
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Regulation of Cybercafés in Nigeria
This is referred to as criminal activity committed on the internet.
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Cyber Crime Toolkit Development
computer related crime, is a crime that involves a computer and a network.
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Cyber Security: Cyber Risk Challenges for Future Leaders and Businesses
The use of classical hacker tools to break into systems with the intent to install botnets that start attacks or steal data. These attacks are typically carried out by crime groups with the goal of making money.
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Exploratory Research of Cyber Security Dimensions: Selected Use Cases Analysis
It refers to activities that can potentially cause harm to systems, applications, networks and other devices forming information and communication system.
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The Changing New Face of the Concept of Crime in the Digital Age: Cyber Crime
It is a type of crime that is committed by using technological and informatics tools, unlike classical crime types. It covers the total harm to countries, nations, communities, people, institutions, and individuals by exploiting security vulnerabilities by using information systems.
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Turning Weakness into Strength: How to Learn From an IT Security Incident
Cyber crime is one potential classification of an information security incident. An information security incident is termed cyber crime when it is a combination of illegal actions such as those defined in Section 18 of the United States Code, part 1030, but the effects are less than the threshold of cyber war ( Brenner, 2004 ). This definition encompasses a wide range of potential information security incidents.
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Cyber Risk: A Big Challenge in Developed and Emerging Markets
A harmful activity executed by one group through computers, IT systems, and/or the internet and targeting the computers, IT infrastructure, and internet presence of another entity.
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