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What is Environmental Democracy

Innovations in Environmental Legislation and Justice: Environmental and Water-Energy-Food Nexus Laws
Refers to the possibility of exercising the 3 rights of access, for which States must ensure access to information and the ability of people to participate. The Escazú agreement, says Valentina Durán, director of the Environmental Law Center of the University of Chile, seeks to guarantee the exercise of these 3 rights in Latin America and the Caribbean. Durán adds that Constitutions such as the one in France ensure the rights of access to information and environmental participation.
Published in Chapter:
Environmental Law and Green Constitutions
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-7188-3.ch013
The general theory of environmental orthodoxy is based on the idea that by introducing the issue of the environment and the need to protect and protect it in the constitution as a reference norm, we will see the establishment of the legal order in this field. In this chapter, an attempt has been made to analyze the content of the constitutions of Latin America in the context of environmental issues and the conservation of natural resources with a comparative approach and as an example. The basic hypothesis of this chapter is based on the fact that today, paying attention to the issue of the environment at the level of constitutions means following sub-norms and the legal system from the norm of reference and the effects that this right can have in the legal system. This is well reflected in the constitutions of Latin America.
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The Potential of E-Participation in Urban Planning: A European Perspective
The participation of citizens in planning processes with environmental effects and aims at mutual commitment by citizens and public authorities to change their behavior in order to improve sustainable development.
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