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What is Ethical Design Framework (EDF)

Multidisciplinary Approach to Information Technology in Library and Information Science
Provides a set of guidelines and questions to help designers and developers consider the ethical implications of their ChatGPT systems throughout the design process.
Published in Chapter:
ChatGPT and Its Ethical Implications on Libraries, Other Institutions, and Society: Is It a Viable Upgrade?
Barbara Jane Holland (Brooklyn Public Library, USA (Retired))
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-2841-5.ch014
On March 28, 2023, an open letter titled “Pause Giant A.I. Experiments” was published by the Future of Life Institute, urging A.I. companies to draft a shared set of safety protocols around advanced A.I. development before creating more powerful software that may pose dangers to humanity. A wide range of ethical issues have been raised concerning Open AI's ChatGPT. The use of ChatGPT has demonstrated on numerous occasions that it encourages racial and gender bias. This (AI) chatbot system uses learning models that are not bias-free. The chatbot obeys the algorithm blindly and replies with the requested information when prompted. It cannot tell whether the information is skewed. This chapter examines the ethical implications ChatGPT can have on libraries, other institutions, and society.
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