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What is Flexible Query

Handbook of Research on Fuzzy Information Processing in Databases
A query whose restrictions, or conditions, are weakly defined. Usually, the restrictions of this kind of queries are modeled as fuzzy sets. The results for this query are allowed to partially match the conditions of the query.
Published in Chapter:
Towards a Fuzzy Object-Relational Database Model
Carlos D. Barranco (Pablo de Olavide University, Spain), Jesús R. Campaña (University of Granada, Spain), and Juan M. Medina (University of Granada, Spain)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 27
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-853-6.ch017
This chapter introduces a fuzzy object-relational database model including fuzzy extensions of the basic object-relational databases constructs, the user-defined data types, and the collection types. The fuzzy extensions of these constructs focus on two main flexible aspects, a way to flexibly compare complex data types and an extension of collection types allowing partial membership of its elements. Collection operators are also adapted to consider flexibly comparable domains for its elements. Such a fuzzy object-relational database model, and its implementation in a fuzzy object-relational database management system, provides an easy and effective way to manage a great amount of complex fuzzy data in object-relational databases for emerging fuzzy applications. As a sample of the proposal advantages, an application for dominant color based image retrieval, which is built on an object-relational database management system implementing the proposed fuzzy database model, is introduced.
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Customizable Flexible Querying in Classical Relational Databases
A query allowing the specification of some kind of preferences on selection conditions and/or priorities among conditions. Within the fuzzy context, flexible queries are also named fuzzy queries: preferences in fuzzy queries are defined by soft conditions expressed by linguistic predicates such as young, while priorities among conditions are expressed by numeric values expressing the degrees of priorities.
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Handling Bipolar Queries in Fuzzy Information Processing
Query to a database interpreted as a flexible constraint on items to be retrieved.
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Intelligent Query Answering Mechanism in Multi Agent Systems
Incorporates some elements of the natural language so as to make a possible simple and powerful expression of subjective information needs.
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