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What is Forward Chaining

Encyclopedia of Information Communication Technology
A technique of generating inferences from premises through intermediates to a conclusion. You start by matching related premises to get intermediates; then match premises with related intermediates to get further intermediates, and so on, until a conclusion emerges.
Published in Chapter:
Inference Tree Use to Design Arguments in Expository Reports
Jens Mende (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 10
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-845-1.ch056
When they write essays, many students merely attempt ‘to fill pages with material gathered from sources’ (Erion, 2000). Consequently, they produce inane arguments of the form: Adams said this, Brown said that, Cohen said the other, etc. Conclusion: much has been written about this topic. This is unacceptable both in academic ICT courses and subsequently in the ICT profession. In academe, a written argument should ‘make a leap from the raw materials of the library to an informed opinion’ (Fasel, 1963). In the profession, a written argument should similarly make a leap from a present state of affairs to a desired future state. So in both situations, writers should be able to devise a report that contains an argument from available facts towards an intelligent conclusion. This kind of report is called an ‘expository report’ (Trimble, 1975), or an ‘argumentative report’ (Dykeman, 1974).
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Knowledge-Based Systems
Rules are applied iteratively whenever their conditions are satisfied, subject to a selection mechanism known as conflict resolution when the conditions of multiple rules are satisfied.
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Fuzzy Expert System in Agriculture Domain
Forward chaining is the strategy of working forward for conclusion/solution of a problem.
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Is AI in Your Future?: AI Considerations for Scholarly Publishers
Forward chaining is one of the two main methods of reasoning when using an inference engine and can be described logically as repeated application of modus ponens. Forward chaining is a popular implementation strategy for expert systems, business, and production rule systems.
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Expert (Knowledge-Based) Systems
A method wherein the inference mechanism identifies applicable rules. If conditions of a rule match the working memory, this rule can be applied.
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