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What is Generative Design

Handbook of Research on Form and Morphogenesis in Modern Architectural Contexts
A process that finds the form by using evolutionary approach to design.
Published in Chapter:
Geometrical Characterization of a Rototraslative Generative Tower: The Turning Torso Case Study
Domenico D'Uva (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3993-3.ch011
This chapter studies the geometric generation of the shape of a well-known building designed by the Spanish archistar Santiago Calatrava. The building is a skyscraper located in Malmö, Sweden named Turning Torso. The first step for analyzing the morphogenetic process is research on all of the available references that deal with building. This work aims to fully describe the process that has led the generation of the building itself.
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Developing Strategic Leadership and Innovation Capability for Manufacturing SMEs Transitioning to Digital Manufacturing Technology
A CAD process that through software applications generates optimised variations of a part based on design inputs such as boundary volumes and load-case data.
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Professionally Ethical Ways to Harness an Art-Making Generative AI to Support Innovative Instructional Design Work
An AI capability of proposing various designs with particular parameters.
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