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What is Knowledge Integration

The Role of Knowledge Transfer in Open Innovation
The combination of the specialized differenciated knowledge possessed by an individual within an organization in regards to produce common knowledge which is understandable to every organization member.
Published in Chapter:
Knowledge Integration Strategy in Islamic Banks
Nurdin Nurdin (Institut Agama Islam Negeri Palu, Indonesia)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5849-1.ch006
The importance of knowledge and cultural integration has been widely recognized as a vital condition to an organization survival, especially if knowledge and culture are diverse. This diversity needs to be integrated into organizations in order to establish common knowledge and culture to support its businesses. However, limited studies have been carried out in this area in particular within Islamic banks context. This chapter discusses the strategy of knowledge and culture integration in Islamic banks in Indonesia. This study used a case study approach. Data were gathered from direct observation, in-depth interviews with informants from different level of hierarchies, and written material. The results show that the process of knowledge integration was carried out through various mechanisms such as training, seminars, workshops, formal education, regular morning praying, and religious lectures. Some facilities such as internet, intranet, telephone, books, and brochures were also used to facilitate knowledge and culture integration of the bank. Knowledge integration in Islamic banks has resulted in common knowledge creation. However, employees' beliefs, norms, and values toward Islamic banks principle are not fully changed except in practicing Islamic symbolism in works place. A model for knowledge integration within Islamic banks context is proposed.
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San Pietro di Deca in Torrenova: Integrated Survey Techniques for the Morphological Transformation Analysis
Is the process of synthesizing multiple knowledge models (or representations) into a common model (representation). Compared to information integration, which involves merging information having different schemas and representation models, knowledge integration focuses more on synthesizing the understanding of a given subject from different perspectives.
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ERP Systems in Higher Education from Regional Perspective
Means the networking of knowledge from different fields/departments (management, business economics, corporate finance, information management …), processes, human resources, their tasks and the information and communication technology used.
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Knowledge Architecture and Knowledge Flows
A process which combines dispersed bits of knowledge held by individuals to be applied in a coordinated way.
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Playful Education and Innovative Gamified Learning Approaches
The integration of an indefinite amount of digital knowledge resources from various disciplines that can be structured or unstructured, and are stored on the Web or somewhere in the Cloud (anywhere in the world).
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External Knowledge Integration
The identification, acquisition, and utilization of knowledge that is external to an individual or collective actor.
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Knowledge Integration through Strategic Alliances and Virtual Networks
One of the most critical elements in the knowledge creation process. It consists of developing and refining the internal routines that facilitate the transfer and combination of previous knowledge with the newly acquired knowledge. Its main objective is to establish how to adapt the new knowledge to the reality and needs of the organization.
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Malaysian Tourism Industry Achievement From a Knowledge Management Perspective and Emergent Trends
The tourism firm makes a person-in-charge to identify, store, share, and integrate firm knowledge with individual employee knowledge. Knowledge integration is the outcome of the firm’s knowledge strategy and goals.
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Harnessing Knowledge Integration in IS Design for Innovation Facilitation
KI is an activity, in Requirements Engineering and New Product Development, is a process in which individuals from different domains communicate information and knowledge in a way that the respective recipient, and the domain/project, can act based on the information/ knowledge obtained. It is an activity of knowledge generation. In the process of Knowledge Integration, the participants become aware of cultural differences that are result of their belonging to a dedicated domain.
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