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What is Linguistic Ethnography

Transformative Pedagogical Perspectives on Home Language Use in Classrooms
A methodology and a theoretical framework that draws out the connections between language use at a local level, and broader social and political forces.
Published in Chapter:
‘How Do You Feel About the Language That You Use?': Promoting Attitudinal Change Among Scots Speakers in the Classroom
Claire Louise Needler (Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen, UK) and Jamie Fairbairn (Banff Academy, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4075-6.ch008
Scots is one of three indigenous languages in Scotland, alongside English and Gaelic. In recent History, it was considered ‘slang', or ‘bad English'. Following legislative and policy changes, Scots is now recognized as a language and is recognized as a valuable part of the cultural heritage and lived experience of many who reside in Scotland. Further, in 2014, the Scots Language Award was introduced, and Scots is now taught in some schools. This chapter outlines a school-university research partnership that aimed to investigate the influence of teaching Scots on pupils' self-esteem and wider achievement. Using Participatory Action Research and creative arts to explore attitudes to Scots in school, the research highlighted the transformative power of home language (Scots) education.
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Towards a Multilingual Preschool Policy: A Linguistic Ethnographic Analysis of the Implementation of a Transformative Pedagogy
A research methodology which incorporates elements from linguistics with a focus on language practices and the role of language in society as well as from ethnography with attention to how meaning is locally created.
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