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What is Lived Experience

The Experiences of Black Women Diversity Practitioners in Historically White Institutions
refers to personal knowledge about the world gained through direct, first-hand involvement in everyday events rather than through representations constructed by other people. Lived Experience also refers to knowledge of people gained from direct face-to-face interaction rather than through a technological medium.
Published in Chapter:
Intersectionality in Leadership: Spotlighting the Experiences of Black Women DEI Leaders in Historically White Academic Institutions
Natasha N. Johnson (Georgia State University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-3564-9.ch011
Due to their multiple identities, Black women navigate gendered and racialized pathways to leadership in the US education industry. The journey for Black women in and en route to positions of academic leadership is even more nuanced and multiplicative. Little, though, is known about the effects of their intersecting identities and the structural barriers they encounter in this sphere. To deepen our communal understanding of this phenomenon, this chapter highlights the existing theories and research on the race-gender dyad in the context of academic leadership. Examining the individual and layered effects of race and gender on the professional realities of Black women leaders in higher education, the author spotlights the unique experiences of Black women DEI practitioners and leaders in historically White academic institutions. Given the numerous components at play when Black women lead in predominantly White institutions and settings, this chapter concludes by discussing opportunities to advance relevant research and practice in this arena.
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Retention of Rural Latina College Students, Engaging Strategic Leadership: A Chicana Feminist Theory Perspective on Retention
As the title and research suggest, the focus of this study stresses the experiences of rural community college-going students as they are lived ( Clandinin & Rosiek, 2007 ). Specifically, this means that research emphasizes the stories of Latinas as they experience their first year of college, paying attention to time, context, and place ( Clandinin & Rosiek, 2007 ).
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Cyclonic Transactions as Cultural Ecological Mechanisms for Investigating Change and Facilitating Action Research in Education
Perceptual engagement with one’s environment that creates ‘in the moment’ experiences and mutually shapes the behaviours of the people involved.
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Green Supply Chain Management Practices and Digital Technology: A Qualitative Study
Refers to a depiction of the experiences and choices of a given participant, and the knowledge that they gain from these experiences and choices.
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Strategic Leadership in Times of Crisis
“The way that a person experiences and understands his or her world as real and meaningful. Lived meanings describe those aspects of a situation as experienced by the person in it” (Van Manen, 1990, p. 183).
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Critical Race Theory: A Framework for Examining Social Identity Diversity of Black Women in Positions of Leadership
Is experience that is not secondhand. It is experienced in how an individual perceives, describes, feels, judges, remembers, makes sense of, and talks about the experience (Patton, 2002).
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From Conflict to Constructive Engagement: Mediating Public Art
Events in which individuals fully participate and, through reflection and analysis, consciously articulate.
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Faculty as Leaders in the 21st Century University
Lived experience is defined by Given (2008) as representation and understanding of a research participants’ experiences, choices, options, and how these factors influence one’s perception of knowledge.
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