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What is Microclimate

Methods and Applications of Geospatial Technology in Sustainable Urbanism
A climatic condition in a relatively small area, localized within a few meters or less above and below the Earth’s surface.
Published in Chapter:
Remote Sensing and GIS for Modelling Green Roofs Potential at Different Urban Scales
Teresa Santos (Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences (CICS.NOVA), NOVA FCSH, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal), Caio Silva (Universidade de Brasília, Brazil), José António Tenedório (Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences (CICS.NOVA), NOVA FCSH, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal), and Thiago Montenegro Góes (Universidade de Brasília, Brazil)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2249-3.ch009
Urban greening is an essential dimension of sustainable urban development. Through green planning, cities can develop strategies towards climate change and mitigation actions and reduce emissions. This chapter aims to evaluate the combined use of remote sensing data and GIS to produce different levels of sustainable indicators, starting from the city level to the neighborhood and the building levels. Green roofs can be part of the solution through the ecosystem services provided. Its benefits are evaluated for the different urban scales through scenario analysis. The impact in the outdoor thermal comfort is assessed at the neighborhood level, while the overall potential to improve energy efficiency is evaluated at the building level. The methodology is implemented in the city of Lisbon, Portugal through a pilot case study. The results can provide rationales for the city when formulating new incentives to encourage the uptake of green roofs in Lisbon.
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Conservation Since 2000
The local environment inside a room, vault, exhibit case or storage box, as it differs from its surroundings; microclimate frames can protect vulnerable parchment documents from fluctuating relative humidity levels.
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Energy-Saving Electrical Installations for Heat Supply of Agricultural Objects
Complex of physical factors of the internal environment of rooms influencing a thermal exchange of an organism and health of both animals and people.
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Strategic Career Development for STEM Women Faculty
A different departmental microenvironment that can exist for faculty from underrepresented groups.
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