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What is Neologisms

Handbook of Research on Cross-Cultural Approaches to Language and Literacy Development
Refer to newly coined words created for the sake of expressing a new meaning that has no similar lexical item in the lexicon of the language.
Published in Chapter:
Learning Arabic through Language of Journalism
Mai Samir El-Falaky (Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Egypt)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8668-7.ch019
Second language learning requires more than memorizing rules and vocabulary detached from contexts. Language teachers have to encourage the exposure to real context to enable their students to ‘acquire' the language in the same way they acquire their first language. This could entail an unconscious induction called ‘analogy'. Analogy may enable language learners to create neologisms for the purpose of communicating. This could also enable them to obtain a better understanding of lexical items in context. This chapter highlights the benefits of direct exposure to neologisms in journalistic texts, which influences learners' morphological choice. Mass media in general and journalism in particular are thought to be a perfect means of learning any language in its natural context.
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