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What is Personal Well-Being

Handbook of Research on New Dimensions of Gender Mainstreaming and Women Empowerment
A good or comfortable state of physical and mental health, happiness and prosperity, emotional and psychological welfare. Here the individual will be well adjusted with self and others and satisfied with the life situations.
Published in Chapter:
The Road Less Travelled: Challenges Related to the Work-Family Balance of Women Managers in Higher Education
S. P. Seema (University of Calicut, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2819-8.ch017
One of the most crucial factors affecting development in the 21st century is the increased participation of women in the economy of a country and increased entrance to managerial positions. Even though such tremendous changes have taken place, the patriarchal social set up insists on women's responsibilities towards family and children. The domestic roles of women are not shared by men despite the fact that women have shared the economic and social responsibilities of men. This causes conflict among work and family roles, which ultimately affects the physical and psychological well-being of women managers. This chapter deals with the problems and challenges faced by women managers in higher education in India and how family support and suitable coping strategies help them maintain work-family balance.
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Life Skills for Personal Well-Being
Personal well-being represents an individual's overall health, happiness, and fulfilment in various aspects of life, including physical, mental, and emotional dimensions.
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Social Self-Care: The Necessity of Turning Outward
One’s sense of self-satisfaction with their own existence.
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Social and Emotional Well-Being of Adolescents From Disadvantaged Backgrounds
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