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What is Rent-Seeking

Human Rights, Public Values, and Leadership in Healthcare Policy
A practice of appropriation of public assets for private interests, whether by bureaucracy, nepotism, or corrupting private agents.
Published in Chapter:
Social Organizations in Health: Public-Private Facilities Management
Paulo Oliveira Vasconcelos Filho (University of São Paulo, Brazil)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 19
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6133-0.ch011
The government's direct administration of public health facilities has proved to be bureaucratic and of low quality. Therefore, governments are trying new management models for some healthcare facilities using public-private partnerships (PPP). One kind of PPP is deployment of social organizations. Social organizations are nongovernmental nonprofit organizations created in Brazil, in the 1990s, engaged in such activities as teaching, research, technological development, or protection and conservation of the environment. Nonprofits enter PPPs created specifically for the purpose of running health facilities, and the state department of health monitors and evaluates contracts with them. This chapter's objective is to analyze the implementation process of the social organizations management program, focusing on the role played by factors such as administrative and financial autonomy, direction, innovative management practices, and gains in efficiency of the health facility. The chapter discusses differences between direct government management and administration by social organizations.
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Public Spending and Governance Performance: Evidence from Europe and the MENA Region
The set of lobbying activities in order to improve one’s share of existing wealth without creating new wealth. For example the effort of someone to affect the enactment or the compliance of law in order to obtain a benefit.
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