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What is Rules Engine

Handbook of Research on Developments in E-Health and Telemedicine: Technological and Social Perspectives
A system that support rule based inferences. A set of rules is used to infer knowledge based on prior knowledge.
Published in Chapter:
Knowledge Management in Healthcare
Christo El Morr (York University, Canada) and Julien Subercaze (Université de Lyon, France)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-670-4.ch023
While knowledge management (KM) is becoming an established discipline with many applications and techniques, its adoption in health care has been challenging. Though, the health care sector relies heavily on knowledge and evidence based medicine is expected to be implemented in daily health care activities; besides, delivery of care replies on cooperation of several partners that need to exchange their knowledge in order to provide quality of care. In public health decision is mainly based on data and a shift is needed towards evidence based decision making. It is obvious that health care can profit from many advantages that KM can provide. Nevertheless, several challenges are ahead, some are proper to KM and other particular to the health care field. This chapter will overview KM, its methods and techniques, and provide and insight into health care current challenges and needs, discuss applications of KM in health care and provide some future perspectives for KM in health care.
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Intelligent Log Analysis Using Machine and Deep Learning
Software that allow the user to specify rules in a library (known as a rule-set), which the software then applies for various purposes. In the context of log analysis, rules engines use the rules to evaluate log events and take appropriate actions.
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