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What is Self-Directed

Handbook of Research on Adult and Community Health Education: Tools, Trends, and Methodologies
Directed or guided by oneself.
Published in Chapter:
Adult Education: The Intersection of Health and the Ageing Society
Linda Ellington (Palm Beach Atlantic University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6260-5.ch012
This chapter analyzes literature in adult education at the intersection of health and the ageing society. In a contemporary context characterized by movement towards ageing societies, a current challenge of adult education planning can be attributed to the shifting global demographic profile; migration has resulted in higher percentages of older people throughout most of the world, as well as greater diversity within the older population (Grenier, 2012). Education about adult health must go beyond the traditional practice of knowledge dissemination, not only because of the sheer size of the 65+ age cohort, but knowing that this particular population does not want to lose their locus of control in their independent status within their society. Established literature illustrates the significance of adult health education and highlights the importance of medical, sociology, psychology, and social policy for not only stimulating the interest of senior adults, but of society in whole.
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Distributed Work Environments: The Impact of Technology in the Workplace
The ability to guide, manage or regulate oneself without supervision.
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Mentoring to Become a Self-Directed Learner
Taking responsibility for initiating mentoring conversations and then takes action on the guidance and suggestions being offered.
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