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What is Sequence

Handbook of Research on Fuzzy Information Processing in Databases
Database: It is any database that consists of sequences of ordered events, with or without concrete notions of time.
Published in Chapter:
Fuzzy Sequential Patterns for Quantitative Data Mining
Céline Fiot (University of Montpellier II – CNRS, France)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 18
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-853-6.ch029
The explosive growth of collected and stored data has generated a need for new techniques transforming these large amounts of data into useful comprehensible knowledge. Among these techniques, referred to as data mining, sequential pattern approaches handle sequence databases, extracting frequently occurring patterns related to time. Since most real-world databases consist of historical and quantitative data, some works have been done for mining the quantitative information stored within such sequence databases, uncovering fuzzy sequential patterns. In this chapter, we first introduce the various fuzzy sequential pattern approaches and the general principles they are based on. Then, we focus on a complete framework for mining fuzzy sequential patterns handling different levels of consideration of quantitative information. This framework is then applied to two real-life data sets: Web access logs and a textual database. We conclude on a discussion about future trends in fuzzy pattern mining.
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Design Patterns for Facilitation in E-Collaboration
A specific combination of several thinkLets that is reused frequently in a variety of contexts
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Broken Cinema: The Eye and Hand in a Time-Based Art
A series of clips in which the relation from one clip to one another is what begins to generate meaning. In principle it is related to the concept of semiotics as the individual clips can act as a kind of sign and signifier. In a sequence the contrast of the clips is what leads to expression and meaning.
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Preparing Urban Educators to Address Diversity and Equity through Field-Based Teacher Education: Implications for Program Design and Implementation
The equivalent of a semester, or the combination of multiple instructional modules situated in the field at schools and community organizations.
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