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What is State

Handbook of Research on Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Conflicts and Their Impact on State and Social Security
An organ of state power in a given territory that establishes rules of and exercises its sovereign powers through a special apparatus, ensures the rule of law, public order, and integrity. A state society is an organization of political power.
Published in Chapter:
Soviet Russia: Occupation of the Democratic Republic of Georgia (1921) and the Main Threat to Modern Foreign Policy
Manana Darchashvili (Georgian Technical University, Georgia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8911-3.ch007
The First Democratic Republic of Georgia (1918-1921) left an important mark on the history of the country. One hundred years have passed since the occupation of Georgia by Russian troops. However, during the Soviet era, Soviet propaganda did not portray the incident as such; on the contrary, on February 25, 1921, the day the capital was captured, the country's population celebrated “Sovietization.” During the three years of independence, a lot has been done by the national government for the development of the country, as a result of selfless work in terms of establishing democracy. Thus, the chapter deals with the annexation and conquest of the independent republic of Georgia by Soviet Russia. Especially, it gives the analysis of the events of February-March 1921 which has its reflection even nowadays. Moreover, it clearly illustrates the Russian-Georgian War of 2008, which practically divided the country into three parts and damaged Georgia's territorial integrity.
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Open Source Database Technologies
HTTP is stateless in that the Web server does not keep the status of any client communicating with it. When by design this status is kept, then there is a state between the client and the server.
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Cost and Cost Politics in Airport Takeovers: Two Cases From North Carolina
A sub-national political authority. In this paper State refers specifically to the North Carolina government.
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New Perspectives on Public Diplomacy
A group of people residing permanently within a particular territory with an independent government.
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A Crying Economy in a Bleeding State: Effects of Religious and Ethnic Militia in Nigeria
As used in this chapter represents a political entity with defined territory, government and laws either within a country or as a country. It also means the condition of something or an expression.
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From Insurgents to Custodians: Charting Taliban's Transition Towards ‘Governance' and ‘Institutionalization' in Afghanistan
A politically organized entity characterized by defined borders, a government system, and sovereignty over its territory, exercising authority and providing public services.
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The Impact of Migration on the State and Social Security: Theoretical and Practical Aspects
An organization of public authority in a certain territory, which has a special apparatus and regulates social relations by issuing legal norms.
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Blockchain as an Enabler for Zero-Trust Architectures
Stateful means a system tracks each transaction, whereas stateless would mean there is no record of the system’s transactions.
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Modeling Information Systems in UML
A certain combination of attribute values of an object.
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