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What is Tax Burden

Handbook of Research on Global Enterprise Operations and Opportunities
The ratio of the taxes that paid to the government in a particular term and the revenues that earned in the same term.
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Crowding-Out Effect in the European Union and Candidate Country Turkey: Panel Causality Analysis
Binhan Elif Yılmaz (İstanbul University, Turkey), Ferda Yerdelen Tatoğlu (İstanbul University, Turkey), and Sinan Ataer (İstanbul University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2245-4.ch012
The effects of the government investments and private sector investments on the production, is an important academic argument subject between the Neo-classical school and the Keynesian school. Subject to the financing way of the government sector investments, accruing possibility of private sector investments decreases and crowding-out effect occurs with the behaviours of government sector which restricting the investment area of private sector or changing the investments plans. On the other hand Keynesian economist suggest that the economy is not always in the full employment level. By the hand of Keynesian multiplier mechanism which is increasing the public expenditures and decreasing the taxes, private sector would enhance its investments and crowding-in effect occurs. In this study, we aimed to test the existence of crowding out/in effects of the public sector investments on the private investments in the European Union and a candidate country Turkey with the panel causality tests, over the period 1970-2014.
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Taxation Policies as an Environmental Protection Instrument: The Portuguese Case
The weight of taxes paid by individuals and organizations taking into consideration the gross domestic product. It is related with citizens’ responsibility to pay taxes. The burden of taxation should be shared in accordance with taxpayers' respective ability to pay (the ability to pay' principle).
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Green Taxes in the Solution of Environmental Problems and the Case of Türkiye
The tax burden, which can be defined as the ratio of taxes paid to income in general, is an indicator of the obligation and effort of the society to meet public expenditures.
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The Impact of Budget and Fiscal Policy on Entrepreneurial Activity and Country's Competitiveness: The Case of Ukraine
The amount of income, property, or sales tax levied on an individual or a business.
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