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What is Event Semantic Interaction Graph (ESIG)

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Second Edition
A graph representation of a GUI in which vertices represent system-interaction events and an edge from event e 1 to event e 2 signifies that performing e 1 followed by e 2 results in a GUI state that is qualitatively different from the state that would have resulted had e 1 and e 2 been performed in isolation.
Published in Chapter:
Testing Graphical User Interfaces
Jaymie Strecker (University of Maryland, USA) and Atif M. Memon (University of Maryland, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-026-4.ch596
This chapter describes the state of the art in testing GUI-based software. Traditionally, GUI testing has been performed manually or semimanually, with the aid of capture- replay tools. Since this process may be too slow and ineffective to meet the demands of today’s developers and users, recent research in GUI testing has pushed toward automation. Model-based approaches are being used to generate and execute test cases, implement test oracles, and perform regression testing of GUIs automatically. This chapter shows how research to date has addressed the difficulties of testing GUIs in today’s rapidly evolving technological world, and it points to the many challenges that lie ahead.
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