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What is White Privilege

Music and Engagement in the Asian Political Space
A concept that explains unfair societal benefits given to those with white skin. This term is also referred to as “white-skin privilege,” highlighting that it is not just a privilege for white people, but those with white or whiter skin.
Published in Chapter:
“White” Korean Music: How a Thesis Rendered Centuries of Culture Invisible
Richard Hu (California State University, Los Angeles, USA)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 28
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5817-1.ch005
With the rise of K-Pop globally, demonstrated through popular groups like BTS, NCT, or AESPA, K-Pop's influence has also expanded into the West and leads to the question: Can—and should—white people be K-pop idols? This chapter seeks to answer this question by exploring the example of EXP-Edition, an all-white K-Pop group created by then-NYU MA student Bora Kim, who wrote a Master's thesis defending the creation and attempting to legitimize the group. This chapter critiques EXP and Kim's thesis through racial rhetorical criticism, examining how Korean and other Asian performers are both racialized—and how EXP and Kim's thesis erase their racial experiences. The chapter works through racial rhetorical criticism by unpacking concepts such as orientalism, white privilege, and aculturality, a concept that requires more in-depth interrogation. The chapter concludes with recommendations for the future study of intersections with music education and future directions for cultural and rhetorical scholars.
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¿Que Estoy Loca? –– Crazy?
White privilege is thus an attempt to name a social system that works to the benefit of whites. White privilege, together with overt and institutionalized racism, reveals how racism shapes places (Pulido, 1999).
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To Teach as We Are Known: The “Heart and Soul” Labor of Teacher Educators of Color Working in PWIs
The benefits and privileges associated with being White or being socialized and/or interpreted as White. Founded on ideologies of ethnocentrism, White supremacy, racism and oppression of people of color.
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Developing the Culturally Responsive Teacher: Three Perspectives From the Frontlines
The unearned, mostly unacknowledged, social advantage that white people have over people of other racial groups simply because they are white.
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“What Are You?”: Intersectional Inequality and the Maintenance of White Privilege on a Mostly White College Campus
Unearned and unfair advantages afforded to Whites in racist societies due to their skin color and is often reflected in the ability to avoid visibility, surveillance, and harmful stereotypes due to the pervasive assumption of Whiteness as normal and good.
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Undermining Leadership Effectiveness
Passive advantage (including power and opportunity) that accrues to Whites because of the color of their skin.
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College-Going and College-Staying Capital: Supporting Underrepresented Minority Students at Predominantly White Institutions
The lack of racism experienced by white persons; it is then assumed that all others, regardless of their race or national origin, experience the same non-biased treatment in life, thus white individuals are unaware of the privilege from which they benefit in society ( Boatright-Horowitz, Marraccini, & Harps-Logan, 2012 ).
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The Fierce Urgency of No: Moving From Aspirational to Operational
a societal phenomenon that renders Whitness as the standard, thus putting those who are of any White ethnic group at an advantage over others. This deleterious system of thought limits the success of Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Hispanic people and ingratiates White people into power, simply based on the color of their skin.
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Dealing With the Elephant in the Classroom: Reflections From a Graduate Course That Argues That Race Still Matters in Service Learning!
Honorary, unearned privileges associated with those who have and benefit from having white racial status in American society. Some privileges include being automatically perceived and received as an American, having an individual/personal identity that is not tainted by negative behaviors of other white people.
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The Intersectionality of Race and Trauma in Children and Teens Who Are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)
Unearned benefits given to White people over non-White people based on their race rather than merit.
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When “Karen” Is Your Colleague: A Case Analysis on Managing Peer Policing in the Academy
The benefit of not having your race hinder your access to a quality way of being in relation to employment, education, housing, medical services, and financial opportunities.
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A Systematized Review of Anti-Racist Pedagogical Strategies
White privilege refers to the unearned advantages and societal benefits that individuals perceived as white may experience due to their racial identity. These advantages are often systemic and may include better access to opportunities and less exposure to negative stereotypes.
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