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"CASA makes note of a user’s institutional affiliation when they access content from an authorized on-campus location, and then enables continued access to their library’s journal and book holdings from home or when using a device not connected to the institution’s network." - Google Scholar

Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) Through Google Scholar

IGI Global has integrated their e-Collections (including e-Book Collection and e-Journal Collection) with Google Scholar’s Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) providing researchers and students access to IGI Global’s valuable research content from anywhere in the world.

What is CASA?

CASA is an authentication enhancement that allows individuals access to their institution’s licensed IGI Global research content off-campus through Google Scholar.

How Does CASA Work?

If a user is connected to their university’s on-campus network and visits Google Scholar, Google will automatically create an affiliation between that user and their school. This affiliation creates a seamless authentication flow between Google Scholar and IGI Global e-Collections enabling them to access IGI Global content off-campus. This affiliation will last up to 30 days and will enable the user to access their institution's content without logging into third-party websites.

What are the Costs Associated with CASA?

There is no charge.

Do Libraries Need to Change Their Institution Settings?

No. Libraries who participate in Google Scholar will automatically have this feature enabled for IGI Global content. If your library does not currently participate in Google Scholar, instructions for activation can be found here.

What IGI Global Databases are included in Google Scholar?

Currently, all of IGI Global’s e-Collections are included in Google Scholar including e-Book Collection (8,100+ reference books), e-Journal Collection (175+ scholarly journals), as well as subject- and discipline-focused e-Collections. Allowing researchers and students to have full-text access to all of IGI Global’s reference books and scholarly journals.

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Last Updated April 13, 2021