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InfoSci-Intelligent Technologies
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InfoSci®-Intelligent Technologies
Premier e-book collections covering the latest multi-disciplinary
research on information technology.
ISSN: 2156-8898
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InfoSci-Intelligent Technologies is a fully-searchable, customizable database that provides access to all chapters included in IGI Global books that have been published on the core information science discipline, intelligent technologies. Titles included in this collection represent IGI Global's unique focus on the role, impact, and effective use of technology within artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive informatics, agent technologies and more essential topics.

Topics Covered

  • Adaptive and complex systems
  • Agent technologies
  • Computational intelligence
  • Computer simulation
  • Computer vision and image processing
  • Neural networks
  • Collective intelligence
  • Algorithms
  • Computational linguistics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Cybernetics
  • Robotics

Key Features

  • Downloadable full-text research in PDF and XML formats, including a plethora of citations to explore
  • No embargo of content included in the database
  • MARC records available at no charge
  • Unlimited simultaneous access 24/7
  • Precise search and retrieval through chapter-level abstracts and indexing
  • Updated continuously as new IGI Global books go to press
  • Electronic version of all documents available before print release
  • Unrivalled among scholarly publishers in coverage of research on software technologies
  • Perpetual, current-year purchase, and annual subscription options available
  • Discounts for consortia and other multi-site groups
  • Priced at a fraction of the combined print value

Platform Features

  • Provides access to unique groups of cutting-edge peer-reviewed reference books in specific applied technology disciplines, ensuring the research is directly relevant to your interest area.
  • Updated continuously as new IGI Global books go to press (no embargo of content included in the database
  • Full-text PDF viewing
  • All content housed on one platform, personalized to your institution
  • Customized Librarian Corner with exclusive administration tools
    • Persistent URLs
    • COUNTER compliant usage statistics
    • Complimentary downloadable MARC records
  • Advanced, XML-powered, full-text search engine with increased search speed and ranked results
  • Spell-check and auto-complete search suggestions
  • The ability to search by content or product type and sort by relevance, title and copyright year
  • RSS feed functionality notifies librarians when new MARC records become available
  • APA-, MLA-, and Chicago-style formatted citations, as well as the ability to export to RefWorks and EasyBib
  • Supporting SRU Industry Interoperability Standards

An Essential Resource For:

  • Academics, researchers, and practitioners in computer science and information technology management and a wealth of other fields impacted by technology
  • Students and teachers
  • Engineers and computer scientists
  • Business professionals
  • Medical personnel
  • And more…


"A major strength of the database is a common repository of these publications that hasn't existed before this time. Previously, there was no way to access this information without subscribing to all the journals, buying all the books, and obtaining conference proceedings. As a result, many important articles have not been cited as relevant research in other publications. More importantly, collaborative opportunities have been lost because of the lack of information dissemination. I think that students would be able to obtain timely and critical information to research projects, especially at the PhD and Masters level of study. The search mechanism is very easy to use, and as such, many different searches can be done in a relatively short time period. As a result, a student (and researcher) will be able to conduct a broad review of current and past research in a particular area. The timeliness of information is improved because publications can be made accessible before the paper copy is received in the mail. In the past, one had to wait for the distribution of journals to gain access to them (in a library setting, or university distribution center this may take longer than one would think). The online system means access to information anywhere and at any time. This is critical for many researchers who are working at home, in the office, or perhaps even abroad."

Shirley A. Becker, PhD, Northern Arizona University

"This database is excellent for locating a wide range of documents which will be of use to me and my students."

Susan Myburgh, PhD, University of South Australia, Australia

"It's really provides an excellent entry into the research literature of the field. It presents a manageable number of highly relevant sources on topics of interest to a wide range of researchers. The sources are scholarly, but also accessible to 'practitioners'."

Lisa Stimatz, MLS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

"Recommended. A supplement to libraries’ information sciences collection."

CHOICE, Vol. 45, Number 2, October 2007

Purchasing Options

Subscription and perpetual access pricing is available for InfoSci-Intelligent Technologies. Annual subscriptions to InfoSci-Intelligent Technologies for colleges and universities are based on the institution's "Relevant FTE" - meaning the number of likely users at the institution, as reported by the customer, of content in the covered subject area of information science and technology. Flexible pricing allows this database to be an excellent addition to your library, regardless of the size of your institution.

IGI Global's perpetual access pricing is a one-time fee that represents a fraction of the combined print value of the collection and allows an institution to purchase perpetual access to research added to the database from the year 2000 through the end of the current calendar year. Each subsequent year of releases can then be purchased for additional one-time fees. There are no access or hosting fees associated with IGI Global perpetual purchases.

For inquiries regarding pricing, list of titles, and consortium discount information, please contact or (717) 533-8845 ext. 162.