Journal Contents: International Journal of Curriculum Development and Learning Measurement (IJCDLM)

Volume 5 (2024)
Volume 4 (2023)
Issue 1
Article 19
What Can Data Tell Us?: Using Classroom Data to Determine Student Engagement (pages 1-13)
Kelly M. Torres (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA), Aubrey Statti (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA)
Article 20
Empirical Study of Exporting a University Curriculum: Is It Successful, Is It Profitable, and Is Student Learning Effective? (pages 1-24)
Kenneth David Strang (W3 Research, USA), Narasimha Rao Vajjhala (University of New York, Tirana, Albania)
Article 21
Article 82
Volume 3 (2022)
Issue 1
Article 33
Teaching Young Children About Sustainability: A Constructivist Approach (pages 1-12)
Kerry Carley Rizzuto (Monmouth University, USA), John E. Henning (Monmouth University, USA), Katlyn M. Nielsen (Freehold Township, USA), Catherine Duckett (Monmouth University, USA)
Article 80
Article 82
Program Outcomes and Rural Immersion Track: An Experience (pages 1-11)
Sagar B. Patil (KLE Technological University, India), S. V. Patil (KLE Technological University, India)
Article 83
E-Mind-Mapping Strategy for Better EFL Middle School Student Vocabulary Use Skills (pages 1-11)
Eman Abdelhamid (Zagazig University, Egypt)
Article 84
A Case of Teaching and Assessing an Introduction to Information Technology Course (pages 1-16)
Duanning Zhou (Eastern Washington University, USA), Debra Morgan (Eastern Washington University, USA), Rajeev Dwivedi (Eastern Washington University, USA), Shuming Bai (Eastern Washington University, USA)
Article 85
Investigating English Language Learners' Reading Gains From Technology-Based Instruction (pages 1-16)
Kelly M. Torres (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA), Aubrey Statti (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA), Caroline A. Morales (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA)
Article 86
The Differences of Perceived Efficacy Between Pupils and Experts in Fostering 21st-Century Skills (pages 1-13)
Chi-Syan Lin (National University of Tainan, Taiwan), Cheng-Ying Lin (National University of Tainan, Taiwan)
Issue 2
Volume 2 (2021)
Issue 1
Article 1
The Effects of Technology Integration in the Classroom for Students With ADHD (pages 1-10)
Aleen Kojayan (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA), Aubrey L. C. Statti (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA), Kelly M. Torres (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA)
Article 2
Documenting Student Representation of Indigenous HIV/AIDS Information and Integration Into the School Curriculum (pages 11-28)
Denis Sekiwu (Kabale University, Uganda), Nina Olivia Rugambwa (Kabale University, Uganda)
Article 3
Teach Less and Learn More: Enhance the Student Learning Experience Through an Innovative Curriculum (pages 29-42)
Ratneswary Rasiah (Taylor's University, Malaysia), Sotheeswari Somasundram (Taylor's University, Malaysia), Kelly Pei Leng Tee (Taylor's University, Malaysia), Jason James Turner (Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia)
Article 4
Dental Health Curriculum for Pre-Schoolers With Robot Application Intervention (pages 43-54)
Carol Boon Peng Loy-Ee (Kinderland Educare Services, Singapore), Patricia Mui Hoon Ng (NanyangTechnological Universtiy, Singapore & National Institute of Education, Singapore)
Issue 2
Article 1
Reconceptualisation of Democratic Citizenship Education Against Social Inequalities and Electoral Violence in Zimbabwe (pages 1-9)
Monica Zembere (Bindura University of Science Education, Zimbabwe)
Article 3
Efficiency of Indigenous and Intercultural Higher Education and Research Programs: The Case of the Autonomous Indigenous University of Mexico (pages 29-44)
José G. Vargas-Hernández (University Center for Economic and Managerial Sciences, University of Guadalajara, Mexico), Ernesto Guerra-García (Universidad Autónoma Indígena de México, Mexico)
Volume 1 (2020)
Issue 1
Editorial Preface
Pam Epler (Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, USA)
Article 1
Pedagogical Foci of Teaching Cantonese as a Second Language: From Linguistic Competence to Pragmatic Use (pages 1-10)
Siu-lun Lee (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong)
Article 2
All the Class Is a Stage (pages 11-18)
Abhilash Ashok (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, Coimbatore, India), Asha Priya (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, Coimbatore, India)
Article 3
An Exploration of Multilingualism and Zimbabwean Language Policy as an Impact to Child's Holistic Development (pages 19-34)
Magret Jongore (Bindura University of Science Education, Bindura, Zimbabwe)
Article 4
Blended Approach for Learning English as Second Language (pages 35-39)
Rajesh Lankapalli (Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Andhra Pradesh, India), Y.V.G. Nukeswara Rao (Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies (RGUKT), IIIT, Andhra Pradesh, India)
Article 5
Montessori Language Arts – The Excellence Path to Early Childhood Language Development: English for Specific Purposes (pages 40-61)
Julia Selva Sundari S. (Holy Cross Arts and Science College for Women, Tamil Nadu, India)
Issue 2
Article 1
Delphi Technique in the Development of Emerging Contents in High School Science Curriculum (pages 1-9)
Michael Bobias Cahapay (College of Education, Mindanao State University, General Santos City, Philippines)
Article 3
Relationship of Collegiate Resiliency to Early Career Success in Professional Sales (pages 31-52)
John Andy Wood (James Madison University, USA), Joseph M. Derby (James Madison University, USA)
Article 4
Taboos and Storytelling for Teaching and Learning in Zimbabwe: Curriculum Decolonization in Africa (pages 53-65)
Pindai Mangwanindichero Sithole (Africa Leadership and Management Academy, Zimbabwe), Beatrice Maupa Bondai (University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe)
Article 5
Article 6
Aligning Information Systems Programs With the New ABET-CAC Criteria: The Case of the American University of Kuwait (pages 79-107)
Ahmad A. Rabaa'i (American University of Kuwait, Kuwait), Aaron Rasheed Rababaah (American University of Kuwait, Kuwait)