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International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy (IJIDE)
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International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy (IJIDE)

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Editor-in-Chief: Ionica Oncioiu (European Academy of the Regions, Belgium)
Indexed In: INSPEC and 12 more indices
Published: Continuous Volume |Established: 2010
ISSN: 1947-8305|EISSN: 1947-8313|DOI: 10.4018/IJIDE
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Published: Jul 7, 2023
DOI: 10.4018/IJIDE.325068
Volume 14
Ana Maria Ifrim, Cătălin Ionuț Silvestru, Mihai-Alexandru Stoica, Cristina Vasilica Icociu, Ionica Oncioiu, Marian Ernuț Lupescu
Almost all quality improvement methods require data collection and analysis to solve quality problems. The combination of six sigma and agile creates a six sigma agile methodology that aims to reach... Show More
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Ifrim, Ana Maria, et al. "Quality Tools and Their Applications in Industry." vol.14, no.1 2023: pp.1-11.


Ifrim, A. M., Silvestru, C. I., Stoica, M., Icociu, C. V., Oncioiu, I., & Lupescu, M. E. (2023). Quality Tools and Their Applications in Industry. , 14(1), 1-11.


Ifrim, Ana Maria, et al. "Quality Tools and Their Applications in Industry," 14, no.1: 1-11.

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Published: Jun 9, 2023
DOI: 10.4018/IJIDE.324095
Volume 14
Emmanuel Mugejjera, Agnes Nakakawa
Frameworks support the realization of goals. Information management is essential in all sectors in today's environment. It is essential to establish an information management framework to guide the... Show More
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Mugejjera, Emmanuel, and Agnes Nakakawa. "Elements of an Information Management Framework: Findings From Existing Literature." vol.14, no.1 2023: pp.1-8.


Mugejjera, E. & Nakakawa, A. (2023). Elements of an Information Management Framework: Findings From Existing Literature. , 14(1), 1-8.


Mugejjera, Emmanuel, and Agnes Nakakawa. "Elements of an Information Management Framework: Findings From Existing Literature," 14, no.1: 1-8.

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Published: Jun 9, 2023
DOI: 10.4018/IJIDE.324096
Volume 14
Darrell Norman Burrell, Eugene J. Lewis, Kevin Richardson
The COVID-19 pandemic has been the catalyst for innovative thought within the Sweeter the Juice winery and wine bar. As a result of the pandemic, sales and revenue were reduced by 90%. With this... Show More
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Burrell, Darrell Norman, et al. "Adaptive Marketing, Management Strategy, and Technology Innovation in Beverage and Hospitality Markets." vol.14, no.1 2023: pp.1-10.


Burrell, D. N., Lewis, E. J., & Richardson, K. (2023). Adaptive Marketing, Management Strategy, and Technology Innovation in Beverage and Hospitality Markets. , 14(1), 1-10.


Burrell, Darrell Norman, Eugene J. Lewis, and Kevin Richardson. "Adaptive Marketing, Management Strategy, and Technology Innovation in Beverage and Hospitality Markets," 14, no.1: 1-10.

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Description, Mission, Scope & Coverage
The International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy (IJIDE) provides information in new theoretical and practical approaches about digital economy. For this purpose, the journal provides information that contributes to increasing people's awareness on what the digital economy is and... Show More
Mission & Scope:
The International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy (IJIDE) focuses on the classical economic theory in the context of new technology, information, and innovation as the main resources. The main purpose of this journal is to provide the information that people require to understand the digital economy, the innovation process and their implications over the human life. Both... Show More
  • All other related issues that impact the overall utilization and management of electronic commerce technologies in modern organizations
  • Changes on the classical economics, new methods, approaches, and tools
  • Decision making methods in digital economy and innovation based models
  • Economic evaluation of scientific and technical programs
  • Educational technology and innovation
  • Impacts of the new resources on individual’s life
  • Innovation based management
  • Integrating technology and innovation into teaching
  • Intellectual property evaluation
  • Knowledge management at the level of economic activity unit
  • Models of entrepreneurial universities and its impact on regional/national welfare
  • Models of research universities and their impact on regional/national economic growth
  • Regional economic development strategy
  • Roles of educational system in people’s award
  • Roles of information, technology, and innovation in economic policies
  • Shape of digital divide
  • Strategies and implementations of the new models in the innovation based economy
  • Technology and innovation which shapes education
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Reviews & Statements

The International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy combines three key issues - digitality, economy and innovation - of modern society and examines their interrelationships in different context. Also, the potential problems and failures in these matters in the form of digital divide are considered. This is an important approach in the peripheral societies, such as in arctic regions.

– Mika Saloheimo, University of Lapland, Finland

IJIDE strives to comply with highest research standards and scientific/research/practice journals' qualities. It provides an opportunity for authors and researchers to share their knowledge on Digital Economy and some related topics with their peers.

– Azadeh Shafaei, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

IJIDE's focus on rethinking the classical economic theory in the context of new technology, information and innovation makes it a unique journal which is the best in bringing Economics and sociology researchers, academicians, professionals and practitioners together.

– Mehran Nejati, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malyasia

The International Journal of Innovation in the Digital Economy could be used as an important vehicle for spreading new ideas and different approaches to the teaching of Economy, as the traditional teaching faces today new challenges that never appeared before. September 2008 will be remembered by the socio-economic community as one of the crucial months of the 21st Century's first decade. Although nobody knows how the world will come out of these confusing days, it is almost clear that the financial arrangements and institutions involved will have to change. It is my hope that this crisis will symbolizes the end of the rootless extreme capitalism, advocated by the heart-less Reagenism" and it will mark the beginning of a new capitalist era. That is a time for new writers to come out with their opinions and new ideas to be published. Prosperity, for men and nations, as I perceive it, depends on their ability to run and maintain an active equilibrium between society and individuals. Both parties need each other individuals are required for promoting innovation and creativity while social arrangements are needed for enabling proper and valuable life. Misery is bad for the economy as it is intolerable for civilized people. It is my hope that this journal will contribute for achieving more knowledge and prosperity."

– Amos Avny, PhD
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