Angela M. Even

Angela M. EvenAngela M. Even is an adjunct professor in business at Purdue University Global and Southern New Hampshire University. She is an accomplished owner/operator of a local small business and a non-profit where she is responsible for all aspects of business. She completed her doctorate (DBA) in March 2021. Prof. Even has a passion for sharing knowledge while gathering more. She is an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion and always seeks to bring out the abilities and gifts in every individual.


Advancing Student Employability Through Higher Education
Bryan Christiansen, Angela M. Even. © 2024. 429 pages.
The global skills gap and labor market disruptions pose a significant challenge for organizations worldwide. Higher education struggles to bridge the mismatch between skills...
Effective Human Resources Management in the Multigenerational Workplace
Angela M. Even, Bryan Christiansen. © 2024. 304 pages.
In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of human resources management has been reshaped by an array of unprecedented challenges. From the global skills gap to...
Prioritizing Skills Development for Student Employability
Bryan Christiansen, Angela M. Even. © 2024. 340 pages.
In the throes of a global skills gap and relentless labor market disruptions, organizations grapple with the pressing challenge of aligning workforce skills with the demands of a...
International Journal of Project Management and Administration in Education (IJPMAE)
Angela M. Even. Est. 2024.
The International Journal of Project Management and Administration in Education (IJPMAE) is a pioneering academic journal dedicated to exploring the intersection of project...
Examining Applied Multicultural Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Bryan Christiansen, Angela M. Even. © 2023. 349 pages.
Industrial and organizational psychology (I-O psychology) contributes to an organization’s success by improving the job performance, wellbeing, motivation, job satisfaction, and...
Enhancing Employee Engagement and Productivity in the Post-Pandemic Multigenerational Workforce
Angela M. Even, Bryan Christiansen. © 2023. 464 pages.
The post-pandemic era has brought about significant disruptions to the human resources management function, exacerbating existing challenges such as labor shortages and global...
Self-Leadership Is the Key to Remote Worker Success: Self-DisciplineWith a Purpose
Angela Marie Even. © 2023. 19 pages.
The chapter defines self-leadership, identifies the abilities necessary to be a successful self-leader, and describes the benefits of self-leadership to organizations and remote...